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Dark skin, rich fragrance, robust taste and great ageing potential – what more could winemakers wish for winemaking? Saperavi is one of the most popular grape varieties in Georgia, origin of which is still unknown but one thing stays certain: the wines produced by Saperavi keep delighting wine enthusiasts all around the world!

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Originated in the Alazani Valley in the eastern Kakheti Region, Rkatsiteli grapes is best known for its use in most high-quality Georgian wine types, the classic international and Kakhetian-style white table wines. 

The Rkatsitseli wines is known to be golden-green, gentle, harmonious and light,  distinguished by its fullness, fruity aroma and slight yet pleasant bitterness.   

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Aleksandrouli is a native Georgian variety of grapes which are incredibly soft and creamy in taste and ripen relatively late. Being only harvested at a later stage, the grapes are filled with flavour. The grapes are characterized by the sweet aromas of raspberries and black cherries. Both dry and semi-sweet red wines are produced from the Aleksandrouli grapes. In any case, we are convinced.  

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A Georgian variety that create high-quality classic and Kakhetian white table wines, Mtsvane grapes produce a high-quality product suitable for delicate and aromatic table wines. Classic wines made from Mtsvane grapes have a light green color, a strong, fruity aroma and a gentle yet cheerful, harmonious taste. Its strong aroma and tenderness have led winemakers to dub this Caucasus wine as “Georgian Riesling”.

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Mujuretuli grapes are a red grape variety primarily found in the Racha-Lechkhumi District of Georgia. One of the most popular Georgian wines, Khvanchkara, is made from Aleksandrouli and Mujuretuli grapes. This velvety wine is characterized by its dark purple color, harmonious taste and delicate, pleasant sweetness, as well as its distinct fruity tones and varietal aroma.

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Rachuli Tetra is grown predominantly mostly in Ambrolauri in the western part of the country. High sugar levels mean that the grape variety is often made into a semi-sweet varietal wine with flavors of peach. Soft, fruit-driven dry styles are also made. The variety is possibly related to northwestern Spain’s Albillo grape variety, although the link is unproven

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Ojaleshi grapes are a famous Georgian variety found primarily in the mountainous areas of Samegrelo, which is the key ingredient in the production of award-winning red dry and semisweet wines.

Wines made from Ojaleshi grapes are characterized by their harmonious taste, pleasant bouquet, intense colouring and balanced ratio of alcohol and acidity.

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